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Blue Willow China & Accessories

Blue Willow Ware in Chinese Willow Pattern

Blue Willow China Blue Willow China was the most popular design of ceramic kitchen and house ware in 18th century England. Since then the Chinese romantic love story of the blue willow pattern has been told for generations. Although the blue willow pattern has been elaborated by many pottery makers, the background color has always remained white and most with blue foreground color. The Blue willow pattern has been made into a variety of products outside of kitchenware and chinaware. Because of the wide range of items, collecting Blue Willow has become a popular hobby among people all over the world.

Blue Willow Electrical Switch - 1 Gang Covers
Blue Willow Ware - Ground Fault Electric Cover

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Blue Willow Ware - Electric Cover for Duplex Receptable


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Blue Willow Electrical Switch - 2 Gang Covers
Blue Willow Electrical Switch - 3 and 4 Gang Covers
Blue Willow Door Knobs, Hooks and Wall Hangers
Blue Willow Ware - 1.25 D Door Knob


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Blue Willow Ware - 1.4 D Door Knob



Blue Willow Drawer Handle


Blue Willow Kitchen Accessories
Blue Willow Ware Rolling Pin


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Blue Willow Ware Napkin and Mail Holder


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Blue Willow Ware - Blue Willow Cow Creamer


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Blue Willow Ware - Set of 5 Measuring Spoons


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Blue Willow Ware - 7.75 L Scoop


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Blue Willow Household Goods
Blue Willow Porcelain Thimble


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Blue Willow Pattern Fabric
Blue Willow Ware - Oven Mitten


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