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Brown Betty Teapot

Traditional Terracotta Red Clay Brown Betty Teapot

What is the original Brown Betty teapot? The original Brown Betty teapot dates back to the 1700s. The teapots started off as small, unglazed, and made with special red terracotta clay. In 1695, the Elder Brothers discovered the special red clay in the area of Bradell Woods, near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

Why is the Brown Betty teapot so popular? The British believe that the Brown Betty teapot makes the best pot of tea in the world. For one, the red clay used has better heat retention. Secondly, the shape of the teapot allows the tea leaves to swirl around inside the teapot whenever hot water is gently added.

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Traditional Brown Betty Teapots w/ Rockingham Glaze, by Adderley Ceramics
Brown Betty Teapot, 8 Cups


Brown Betty Teapot, 6 Cups


Brown Betty Teapot, 4 Cups


Brown Betty Teapot, 2 Cups


Brown Betty Mug


Brown Betty Tea Bag Tidy


Brown Betty Strainer


Traditional Brown Betty in Blue w/ Rockingham Glaze, by Adderley Ceramics
Blue Color Brown Betty Mug


Caledonia Mills Original Brown Betty Teapots & Accessories, by Caledonia Pottery
Brown Betty Teapot, 8 Cups


Brown Betty Teapot, 6 Cups


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Brown Betty Teapot, 4 Cups


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Brown Betty Teapot, 2 Cups


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Brown Betty Cream and Sugar Set


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Brown Betty Covered Butter Dish



Brown Betty Toast Rack


Brown Betty Tea Mug


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Lid Only for Brown Betty Teapot, 6 Cups


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Today's Brown Betty Teapot

Caledonia Pottery is the only pottery that has been continuously making the Brown Betty since 1700 and claims to even have made the original Brown Betty. (Note that it was not the only pottery making Brown Betties at the time. Others have now closed out or stopped producing them.)

Recently, Adderley Ceramics (who owns the old Land End Pottery) has decided to start manufacturing Brown Betty teapots using the researched traditions. The teapot is also made with the same red clay, and the shape of the teapot is based on Brown Betty antiques dated back to WWII. Rockingham Brown Glaze is applied as a finishing touch. (This famous special glaze not only makes the teapot look better, but also helps to keep away unsightly tea stains.) Thus, Adderley Ceramics claims to make a better quality version of the original Brown Betty teapot.

We consider both Caledonia Pottery and Adderly Ceramics to make authentic Brown Betty because both use the esteemed red clay first discovered by the Elder Brothers.

Which teapot makes the world's best pot of tea? A Brown Betty? Or whichever teapot you like the most!