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Blue Willow China

Traditional Blue Willow China Pattern

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Blue Willow China Pattern An original Chinese pattern named Mandarin was developed in Britain around the 18th century. This blue and white willow pattern has been used by many British Pottery manufacturers, many of which have become famous throughout history. This popular pattern features a main teahouse, willow trees, a boat, a bridge with people crossing, and two love birds. The legend of Blue Willow is about forbidden love between a couple that eventually was transformed into beautiful white doves so they could be together and live in happiness. Blue Willow has been the most popular design of ceramic chinaware.

  English Blue Willow by Churchill

Churchill, 5-Cup Teapot - Blue Willow Ware
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Churchill, Blue Willow Ware 8; Soup Dish
Churchill Blue Willow Ware, Cream & Sugar Set
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Churchill, Blue Willow Ware - Cup and Saucer Set
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Churchill, Blue Willow Ware - Saucer Only
Churchill Blue Willow Ware, Salt and Pepper Set
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